Whenever we design a new website we always use the latest web design technologies, techniques and technical practices to ensure your website works across a wide range of computers and mobile devices from the beginning and also ensure it is as future proof as possible. We will also undertake research about your potential audience to understand how to ensure your final website is engaging and functional.

Our Approach

01. Enquiry

It all begins when receive the first call or email from you. Don’t worry we are very friendly and approachable, no question or idea is dismissed.

If you have a good of idea of what you want to achieve and a budget in mind, get in touch. We think we are pretty flexible as we have worked with individuals to small and large businesses.

02. Initial Proposal & Guideline Prices

We have been building websites for several years and so the chances are we have probably previously built a website similar to what you are looking for. We will use that as a guide in order to put together an initial proposal and rough estimate.

It’s not just about prices though: we like to meet up at this stage so you can get to know us. It’s important that we’re the right fit for each other. This will also allow us to get a feel for your company.

03. Project Specification

At this stage we will identify the results you are looking to achieve with your website and discuss how the website will deliver them.

Where possible we will collect any content for your website so that we can draw up a site structure. it depends on the project but often, rather than spend a lot of time writing specification documents we tend to produce a prototype to identify the key features and how they will fit together.

04. Designing

We will produce a set of designs to show you the general look and feel for your website. There are often a number of rounds of feedback and tweaks before the design is signed off.We do not design every page of the website as this is very time consuming and costly. We will use the provisional designs as a style guide that can be applied throughout the site and will adapt the page layouts to fit the content. 

05. Development

All your content will now be on your website and we shall take your feedback to tweak and make changes to your website in preparation to going live.

06. Testing

At this point if you are happy with the website and we have made all the changes you asked via feedback during development, we shall now make the final changes and make the final checks before going live, making it sure it is ready for the public.

07. Going Live

The website is now finished and ready to be launched. All that remains is to tell us when and how you wish to launch the website. It is worth thinking are you going to have a countdown?

08. Review & Improve

All websites have a period shortly after they are launched where during this time, we will monitor your website, fix any bugs and make the inevitable tweaks and changes you require once you start using it. This is also the time to further review your site’s performance on search engine results pages.