Social Media Management

We can help you make the most out of the massive potential from Social Media.
We will create and brand your social media profiles
We will undertake research and create content for your social media profiles.
We will increase awareness of your brand.

Why Have A Social Media Account?

Social Media provides your business with another platform with which you can market your product or service to your target market just like magazine advertising and email marketing. Therefore this can provide the usual benefits of increased brand value and increased market exposure.

However Social Media is different to other marketing methods. This is because in 2012 18% of all online usage was via social media. Therefore if your business isn’t then you are missing out.

There are many benefits to Social media.

  • Social Media For Everyone – If you look on the internet there is pretty much a social media platform for every one. There are professional networks, image sharing sites and personal blogging sites etc.
  • Word Of Mouth – Most of businesses rely on word of mouth. Social Media is the ultimate tool for word of mouth marketing. Why only tell one person when you can tell all your 500+ friends about the good product you brought or the good service you received at the restaurant.
  • Be Different – If you post daily and engage with conversations this provides your business with many more opportunities to differentiate your business from everyone else’s.
  • Engagement – Not only can you tell your customers what you want them to know, customers can also engage with your social media profile and they can tell you what they want and what they think which will only help you improve your business.
  • Direct Feedback and Statistics – With most advertising you may purchase for your business, you are normally unable to get instant feedback. However with Social Media you can get instant feedback in the forms of Likes, shares, retweets and also statistics telling you how many people have seen your message.
  • A Social Community – Because your customers are interacting with you and other customers of yours, it builds a feeling of community amongst not only your customers but your brand. This will help increase brand loyalty and help with repurchasing rates.
  • Customer Relations – You can send your customers messages that they will see at their own inconvenience. Saving you valuable time calling customers when they are at work and often don’t have time to talk.


Why Have Your Social Media Managed?

We can help you make the most out of the massive potential via Social Media. We can do a lot more in less time and therefore its cost effective for us to manage your campaign rather than you and your staff.

When we talk to our customers about their Social Media we normally get the following reactions:

We don’t have a Facebook, twitter account because we don’t know how

We can help you create the pages and profiles most suited to you and your customers. We will take the time branding each of them to increase the brand recognition and continuity. We will also help make sure they are easily findable with helping you get custom urls like

We don’t have time

The average Tweet only has a lifespan of a couple of hours therefore we need to ensure that things are posted and tweeted regularly and this can often seem very daunting to customers. We will create a content calendar to help us map out regular content on each platform. This will also make sure that we post the right content at the right time targeting the right people. Therefore targeting consumers more around Christmas if you are a shop to persuade people you are the right people with the perfect gifts for Christmas.

Our Customers don’t use Social Media

In the UK there are 33 million Facebook users and 34 Million twitter users. Linkedin has 11 million users. 30% of all Facebook users spend at least an hour a day on Facebook.

Our Customers won’t be interested in our posts

They key to making your profile/page interesting to your customers is to understand what your customers needs and interests are in relation to your products and services. When we manage your Social Media accounts we will analyse your customers in order to understand how best to manage your social media accounts and how to create interest and interaction.

People could post bad things about us

Unfortunately whether you own a Social Media account or not people can post bad things about your business all the time, on Social Media and on review sites. However if you do have a social media account for your business at least it gives you a voice. It allows you instead to answer the negative comments that are placed on your account and answer them rather than them going unnoticed behind your back.

What We Do

Every business has different requirements when it comes to Social Media. Therefore it would be silly for us to sit here and to tell you straight away how much it will cost. Below are a few of the things we do, some of which you may not need. If you would like to know more and for us to give you an estimate get in touch and we will be happy to have a chat with you about your requirements.

  • Create Business Profiles – We will create and brand your Social Media profiles. The profiles created such as on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc will depend on your business and your customers.
  • Content – We will look at the content that is currently available to your customers and work out how we can use this on your Social Media Profiles
  • Content Creation –  We will undertake research and create ideas and a schedule for new content to be placed onto your Social Media Profiles.
  • Daily Activities – We can automatically post, tweet, message, comment and follow.
  • Increase Awareness – Extra likes, followers, connections etc.
  • Report – We can also show you each month’s activities on your social media profiles.