About The Project

SHG Consulting is the 3rd website we have launched this year at Ansford Internet. The website went live towards the end of April 2013.

The SHG Consulting is a sports marketing company offering highly personal tailor made marketing, PR and sponsorship strategies.

The website we have designed for SHG Consulting features, social network integration, gallery, email newsletter system and blog.

SHG will often be writing blog posts during events and therefore it was very important to integrate as much as possible the website with social networks. The website has been fully integrated to automatically publish new blog posts to Facebook and Twitter. It also displays recent tweets and allows visitors to automatically ‘like’ the SHG Consulting Facebook page.

We have also included in the website a gallery page which allows SHG to feature images from their latest events and images from their clients. Each of SHG Client’s is also displayed individually as part of the portfolio part of the website.

Email newsletters were often sent from personal email accounts at SHG. We have completely integrated a email newsletter system in with the new website and have also created a selection of versatile email newsletter templates for them to use.

The SHG website also features a blog and a we have also integrated SEO tools and optimised their website for them.

The Result

Why not click the button below to see the full website up and running!

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