Why choose Vimeo instead of YouTube?

When you are deciding where to host your videos online there are two platforms that stand out from the crowd, they are YouTube and Vimeo.

YouTube is the most popular platform with around 800 million unique visits per month, and there is around 72 hours of content being uploaded every minute so it quite clearly the largest and most used video-sharing platform of the internet. It is also worth mentioning that Google own YouTube which has got to be a significant advantage.

Vimeo is smaller however it still has some huge advantages, and has many advantages over its dominant rival. It certainly dominates for anyone especially creative who are looking to get feedback or showcase their work.

Each platform are good and which one you choose depends on what video you are uploading and the audience you are trying to attract. Here are a few of our reasons as to why Vimeo might be better for you and your business.

A professional community

Vimeo benefits from a smaller audience often who are made up of filmmakers and enthusiasts. Vimeo attracts about 10% of the visitors that YouTube sees each month but this creates an more engaging community and people with similar aims, interests and ambitions. Vimeo is a network of uploaders who are obsessed and interested in the quality of the videos they upload, there are very few things that have been uploaded straight from a smart phone, time and effort has gone into developing the video.

Vimeo users also are far more engaging within the commenting of videos and many offer constructive criticism and advice on how to improve. YouTube however would attract all manner, of abuse and comments completely off topic from the subject of the video.

Clean & Simple

Vimeo iPad App Menu

The Vimeo iPad App, Clean and Simple.


Vimeo is vastly cleaner to YouTube, there is far less clutter on the screen allowing videos to be showcased more effectively. It ensures that your primary focus is the video and nothing else, none of the banner ads or suggested videos that are shown in YouTube.


There are no adverts before your video starts, which is perfect for embedding videos in websites but it also creates the best experience for viewers, there is no waiting about.

Password Protection

Vimeo offers password protection, allowing you to share your videos with your friends before making the public. Unlike Youtube you do not need to logged into an account to view it, you just forward the link and a password to your friend.

No Rubbish

With so much content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, it soon gets very cluttered and difficult to find the video you are looking for. Out of the 72 hours uploaded every minute there is very little that you actually will want to watch. Admitadly there are some brilliant videos on YouTube but are what about the rest of it. Videos on Vimeo are focussed, and it is very easy to find what you want.

Why did we switch from YouTube to Vimeo?

We changed because we felt that YouTube did not appeal to our audience of clients, advertisements were also getting in the way of embedding videos and using Vimeo is much easier, clearer and focussed on the content and the quality of videos. YouTube is also heavily integrated with Google, and sometimes we did not want everything linked however, Google would not allow us any chance not too. It soon became very annoying and was easier to move elsewhere, especially when we manage a large number of Google accounts on behalf of clients.

Vimeo is free for basic membership which will allow you to upload a fixed amount of videos each month but Vimeo Plus is only $10 per month, which is you are a huge content creator is not a bad investment. 

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