Celebrating 5 Years!

As I sit here writing this I still cannot get over the fact that I have now been designing websites for over five years! So I am going to start at the beginning and work my way forward to where we are today!


I had been helping run the local church website for a while and keeping it updated using a Serif website design tool. It was very basic and you had to upload all the changes every time by FTP. However in February I saw an advert in the local magazine for someone to design a website for a local organisation, they didn’t want anything fancy, they just wanted a platform to inform people about events and latest news. And so it began!

I launched the website around March 2009 and it was pretty basic to say the least, but everyone really liked it. I soon had people asking me how did I design it and manage it, and would I help with their websites. I soon set my self up under the name Capel Creative (the name of the village where I lived). Every spare minute I had I was either creating websites for my self to increase my understanding, while designing and managing a couple of other small websites for other people in the local community.


My first website!



In the early months of 2010 I had a few websites up and running. However a massive change occurred when I won a year’s reseller’s hosting with now a rival company! This allowed me not only to sell hosting to individuals but also sell as a complete deal with my website design.

During 2010 I became really interested in the WordPress platform and taught myself how it worked and how to modify things and design a theme. I adapted my first website I had built to the WordPress platform and launched it allowing other people to modify the website online. It was a significant step forward!


At the beginning of 2011, my Resellers hosting package I had won was now coming to an end, and I didn’t want to pay the really high costs, so decided to find an alternative. I found a company who would manage and run servers for me at a UK Data Centre and this would allow me to expand the network as and when I needed to. Since then I haven’t looked back and everything just keeps growing and growing. To fit in with this massive change of direction a rebrand was in order and this brought about Ansford Internet, with a logo I designed myself!

Clients began to grow from my local school to a local driving instructor, all the time my skills and expertise increasing as to how to run servers and databases, email servers and lots more!

Ansford Internet 2011

The first Ansford Internet website.


2012 also saw us launch our system allowing customers to purchase hoisting and other add ons online via our website. We began by only accepting cheque payments but the whole system was managed online. The online shop contented to evolve through the year and incorporated domain name searching and purchasing and also payment via PayPal.

One of the greatest achievements of 2012 was the launch of Capel Village website. This website is run by Ansford Internet and is for the benefit of the local community. Since launch in June 2012 the website has provided a key portal for local information and news within the village and now attracts around 30 visits per day to the site.

Our products also increased incorporating WordPress hosting, email only hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Servers). You could also renew products a long time in advance and purchase .uk domains for up to 10 years!

We also got involved in social media and joined Pinterest and Google Plus.


2013 was a huge year for Ansford Internet, we launched a record number of websites (nine in total!), rebranded in the summer with the help from some proper designers this time and launched a brand new, responsive website to match the rebrand.

We also saw new services being launched including Social Media Management and Email Marketing. We also launched Windows hosting to our product list and launched 14 day free trials on all SiteDesigner packages.


Looking forward through this year looks very exciting. We are working on some of our largest projects yet, especially since being appointed as web developers for UK Construction. The domain name system is also changing and seeing a thousand new domain names being launched throughout this year so watch this space!

We currently host 30 websites on a variety of servers and platforms and manage around 45 domains. We have a total of 18 current clients but have helped nearly 30 other the last five years with websites launches. We also have a large number of new projects and clients that hopefully we will be telling you more about soon!

To celebrate this momentous occasion we have also created a small video to highlight the four key areas that we have focussed on over the last few years and what we will focus on in the next few years.

Thank you for working with Ansford Internet over the last five years. We hope to continue working with you over the next few years and we hope to continue growing and evolving!



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