New TLDs: Choosing out which ones you need.

It won’t be too long until many new domain name extensions are released. There are thousands of new domain name extensions on their way, but one of the biggest challenges is working out which ones you want to prioritise and the names that you would like to register.
Here are a few tips that may make your choices a little easier and manageable.
1 – Begin with what you have got already
Why not make spreadsheet with all your current domain names, projects and businesses that you are working with and then order them in level of importance. Then if you cross-reference this list with the new TLDs that will be available you can see where you need to pick any of the new extensions. We warn you it will take a time to go through the long list, but it is worth doing. The more organised you are, the larger your chance of being able to register the domains you need and want.
2 – Future Projects
Many of the new TLDs may be useful for the creation of mini-sites and fun projects. So if there are any projects or ideas that you have in the pipeline, its worth checking if you the project would benefit from a new TLD.

3 – Ideal Names

If you have had a particular name that you have been after for a long time and you haven’t been able to claim it, then see how it sounds with a brand new domain extension.

4 – Brand protection

You may not run your own business, but you have your own name or at least a favoured domain name that you may wish to protect. We would suggest making a list of all the extensions that logically suit your name or company name. We would especially recommend this if people are likely to register them for themselves and then try and sell them back to you.

5 – Ratings

Once you have a full list of all your potential domain names, why not add a column for ratings. Score each on a scale of 1 to 10 ranging from nice to have to an absolute must-buy. Once you have written all your ratings in you can reorder your spreadsheet from highest to lowest to work out which ones you want to purchase first.

6 – Categories

We would strongly recommend creating a category column and group your domain extensions accordingly. Choose categories that make sense for your suggestion for example:

  • Purpose (business,social,personal branding)
  • Length (length of name or extension)
  • Type (app, blog, portfolio)
  • Topic (design, coding, sep)
  • Importance (priority, likely, maybe)

7 – Notes

Finally add one final column and include a few last comments for example on:

  • Why you chose your rating
  • Questions that you need to ask others or need to do further research on.
  • Links between names for example projects.
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