Capel Village Website Goes From Strength To Strength!

It does not seem that long ago since we decided to start a local website for the small village of Capel near Dorking, Surrey. It all began back in June 2012 when we sat down and began the planning and began writing an announcement message in the local magazine.

The website continues to grow every week and has far exceeded our expectations. We thought it would prove to be useful for people to find local information. However as I write this the Capel Village Website has just seen 10,000 views in just under a year!


The Past Year


Things started relatively quickly with a successful launch on the 21st July 2012. In July alone 742 people visited the website. August saw a huge surge of information with the Summer Shows and we reached 1078 views. Since then around 30 people on average are visiting the website. At writing the website had seen 10,259 views.

The website currently has 135 news items, 70 pages and has seen a total of 299 events on the events calendar. The Facebook and twitter pages are also proving popular. Many people are also using the email newsletter function on the website and receiving the latest news straight to their inbox along with also the Horticultural Society sending out its regular newsletter to a huge number of people safely and securely.


Looking Forward


Looking to the next year we are hoping to make the website easier to use and provide an ever growing amount of information to it’s users. We also hope by the process of adverts to raise more money than last year which we can donate to charity.


We would like to thank everyone in the local community for your support!

Please take some time to have a look at the website and social media pages.




Until next time.





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