Windows Hosting Launching 7th June!

We are pleased to announce that we shall be soon adding Windows web hosting to our product range to give our customers even more choice when deciding on a hosting platform their website, this brand new feature will be launching on Friday 7th June. However we had to tell you before then as we were so excited!


Whilst Linux still dominates the market, there are a significant number of websites that use Microsoft technology to power their sites, and we felt it important that we should be able to offer out customers the option of both platforms when you choose your hosting package.


According to a survey by Netcraft, around 1 in 5 website owners use Windows web servers to power their site, making a huge number of people all over the world that are using Microsoft technology to host and run their websites.


Who is Windows Hosting for?


Windows web hosting is particuarly useful for people who built their websites with Windows specific web applications usch as ASP, .Net, MSSQLY and Access.


When viewing our web hosting packages, customers will be able to view the specifications for both Linux and Windows platforms, and choose which they want depending on what suits them best.


Like our current Linux website hosting packages, our Windows web hosting will have four variations, Starter, Home, Business and Unlimited, allowing websites of all sizes to take advantage of the new platform.


Can I only use Windows website hosting if I have Windows on my computer?


If you are unsure about the differences between Windows and Linux hosting it is important to remember that it doesn’t matter what type of computer you have used to put your website together, only how you have built it. The compatibility of your choice of web server will not be affected whether you use a Mac or PC at home. However it will be affected by the programs and applications that you have used and looking forward the installs and updated you want to make use of.


A popular program for Windows web hosting users for example is Umbraco, which is a content management system which is designed specifically for websites that use Microsoft technology.


To find out more about Windows web hosting, please visit our web hosting page. If you need help in deciding please contact us.


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